Once upon a time...

Trending buzzwords like

Ordinals ✓
Inscriptions ✓
Bitcoin L2s ✓

Led investors to discover Bitcoin DeFi.

Excited, they bought every token launch.

But Satoshi

Was very sad...

Because he saw these Bitcoin DeFi projects as...

Just traps

A token (pre-)sale ✓
Generous insider allocations ✓
A cult around its leaders ✓
A raise-money-first-and-build-later approach (if even built) ✓
A promise to be built on centralizing, unscalable PoS ✓

The sheep stood no chance...

Satoshi's L1 would have

No token sale, a 100% fair launch ✓
Zero leaders, only Bitcoin OGs ✓
Progressive decentralization ✓
The world's 1st feeless PoS/PoW hybrid ✓

...making it seem like a natural extension of Bitcoin.

It would OBVIOUSLY use

Bitcoin's unbeatable security at its heart.

To make it the hardest, most secure and trusted L1 / Bitcoin L2 ever built.

So ahead of its time

Its name would be inscribed in the Bitcoin taproot block.

Hinting at Bitcoin scaling ideas, years ahead of taproot's activation.

And to top it off

The marketing would subtly highlight Bitcoin's ethos, interoperability, and scaling.

Hints, hidden in plain sight.

The media would say

“ There are rumors that [...] would be

akin to Satoshi’s Ethereum, if such

a thing were to exist ”

Published in 2023

Wait, what do you mean

Published in 2023... ? ? ?

Are you saying that

Yes, it exists...

Bitcoin was always designed for more.

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